By: Claudy 18-11-2019

Artwork, titled Halve Maen, commissioned by Convene NYC references the trade winds that carried ships from Amsterdam into New York Harbor.

  • Convene New York City, commissioned by Convene, USA, 2019
  • Material: natural color of Drenth Heath wool
  • Pigments: walnut, indigo, woad, onion skin
  • Size (m): 3,20 x 5,50m
  • Photo credit: Frankie Alduino
By: Claudy 18-11-2019

Diptych for the Rembrandt House Museum is on view in Rembrandt's former 'de Sael' through 16 February 2020.
In celebration of 'Rembrandt and the Golden Age 2019', marking 350 years since the artist's death, Jongstra draws inspiration from the natural sources of Rembrandt's artistic materials.

  • Museum Het Rembrandthuis, exhibtion until February 16th 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2019
  • Curator: Jorn Konijn
  • Material: natural color of Drenth Heath wool
  • Pigments: allium, onion, hennep, hair, madder ad nettle
  • Size (m): each piece 1,68 x 1,46m
  • Photo credit: Studio Claudy Jongstra