May 14th 2018 Official Opening Waste-No Waste Factory X WOVEN SKIN

May 14th 2018, official opening Waste-NO Waste Factory X WOVEN SKIN by Thomas Rau and Claudy Jongstra at De Suiker, Energieweg 10, Groningen, NL.

Program: Start: 11.45am: reception, 12.15pm: introduction by Claudy Jongstra, official opening by Thomas Rau and Claudy Jongstra, 12.30pm: speech by Thomas Rau on 'Material Matters', 13.15pm: rounding off official part. 

Radio Interview NPO 1 Kunststof

One hour Radio interview by journalist #PetraPossel with Claudy Jongstra for Dutch Radio station NPO 1. Hear back on 

Follow up exhibition PAN at Gallery Dom'arte

Artworks of Claudy Jongstra and Marc Mulders are on show at Gallery Dom'arte after exposing at PAN Amsterdam this year. The exhibition is open from 30th November to 28th January 2018. More information about the exhibition program here.




We are nominated for the Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award!

We are excited to announce that the Moelis Family Grand Reading Room at Van Pelt Library , University of Pennsylvania,  is a finalist for the Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award The Grand Reading Room is home to the artwork Fields of Transformation by artist Claudy Jongstra, commissioned by Gensler Philadelphia.

The Best of Year event is taking place on 1st of December. Keep updated here!


Exhibition Natural Forces Dutch Design Week

Natural Forces: Dutch Design Week 21 – 29 October 2017 / daily from 11am to 6pm / Natlab: Kastanjelaan 500 / 5616 LZ Eindhoven (Strijp Area).
Saturday 21 October at 2pm: lecture Natural Forces.


Studio Claudy Jongstra, Farm of the World, Cor Unum, and EE Labels will present their collaboration focused on design and material in the exhibition Natural Forces. This presentation shows us the concrete impact design can have on a social and sustainable society. It touches upon the power and wealth of nature and the way in which these organisations relate to it. Furthermore they will provide an insight into their work practices and they show how the two new product lines CLAY Reglaze and YARNS Relate have come about.

Cor Unum developed an especially designed small ceramics factory to show their practice. Studio Claudy Jongstra organizes a social bread baking project in which the visitor has the opportunity to bake their own bread and contribute to BREAD Reveal: a collection of cultural and culinary stories about the meaning of bread. EE Labels presents beautiful woven labels made from organic cotton and recycled PET yarns. And Farm of the World shows what screen printing is in their very own mobile screen printing station.


Together the four collaboration partners developed two new product lines: CLAY Reglaze and YARNS Relate. This beautiful ceramics line and napkins series are especially developed for Leeuwarden European Cultural Capital 2018. The revenu of these products will go to Treasures of Nature: our special programme for unprivileged youth. This makes CLAY and YARNS an original, as well as a social and sustainable project.