New collaboration Artechne Project X Museum Hof van Busleyden

Studio Claudy Jongstra is excited to announce a new collaboration with Artechne Project at Utrecht University, spearheaded by Prof. Dr. Sven Dupré, and Museum Hof van Busleyden in Mechelen where collaborative natural pigment research will form the basis of an exhibition in June 2019.

OPENING // NORTHERN BLUES Tromp's Huys Vlieland June 30th

Museum Tromp's Huys X Claudy Jongstra
Dorpsstraat 99, Vlieland

OPENING door Elsje de Ruijter, alderman township Vlieland
30 JUNI // 11.00 UUR - 11.45 UUR

BOOK SIGNING Claudy Jongstra 
30 JUNI // 12.00 UUR - 13.00 UUR

NORTHERN BLUES is an immersive installation by Claudy Jongstra for Museum Tromp's Huys. Flowing from Jongstra’s studio practice and philosophy, the materials form a sculptural statement of the current environmental composition of the Northern coastal landscape. Indigenous Drenthe Heath sheep wool is colored with Frisian-grown woad (European Indigo) to reflect the Blues of the Wadden sea, entangled in discarded fishing nets from the shorelines of Harlingen and Vlieland. Each net was collected with the help of ‘Fishing For Litter’, an initiative that collaborates with fishing boats to collect trash that enters their nets while fishing. The combination of raw natural materials and residue from human interaction with the environment speaks to new realities of our surroundings and the need for innovative actions toward environmentalism. curation: Jorn Konijn // light: Maarten Warmerdam // story: Marian Woestenburg // narrator: Ank Bruin.

Sponsors and associated organizations to the project: Mondriaan Fonds Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018 Into The Great Wide OpenProvincie Fryslân #Streekwurk Farm of the World Fishing For Litter Cor Unum Ceramics & Art nai010 publishers#CultuurHistorischeVerenigingVlieland Museum Tromp's Huys Claudy Jongstra Gemeente Vlieland Rederij Doeksen VVV Vlieland

May 14th 2018 Official Opening Waste-No Waste Factory X WOVEN SKIN

May 14th 2018, official opening Waste-NO Waste Factory X WOVEN SKIN by Thomas Rau and Claudy Jongstra at De Suiker, Energieweg 10, Groningen, NL.

Program: Start: 11.45am: reception, 12.15pm: introduction by Claudy Jongstra, official opening by Thomas Rau and Claudy Jongstra, 12.30pm: speech by Thomas Rau on 'Material Matters', 13.15pm: rounding off official part. 

Radio Interview NPO 1 Kunststof

One hour Radio interview by journalist #PetraPossel with Claudy Jongstra for Dutch Radio station NPO 1. Hear back on 

Follow up exhibition PAN at Gallery Dom'arte

Artworks of Claudy Jongstra and Marc Mulders are on show at Gallery Dom'arte after exposing at PAN Amsterdam this year. The exhibition is open from 30th November to 28th January 2018. More information about the exhibition program here.