By: Claudy 30-06-2016

Hand-dyed natural material is transformed into artwork using unique felting structures developed by the studio over the past 20 years. Contemporary embroidery, weaving techniques and organic material such as dried flowers are used to add tactility and depth to the work. 

By: Claudy 23-10-2012

Because felt is made from wool, Studio Claudy Jongstra is committed to working with high-quality wool. This is one of the reasons that we have our own flock of Europe’s oldest breed, the ‘Drenthe Heath sheep’.

By: Claudy 23-10-2012

How to create culture from nature.

Woad is harvested and cut into pieces. Fresh woad leaves are then crushed and made into balls (kokanjes) which through a rotting process will dry. when dry they are ready to dye with.