Artistry - “Tacit Skills”

By: Claudy: 05-03-2019

At Studio Claudy Jongstra, raw materials provide the foundation for explorations of ancient crafts of dyeing, spinning, carding, weaving, felting, and embroidery. In a collaborative and tactile studio environment, students and collaborators from around the world contribute to the perpetuation of these crafts. These historical techniques of fabric-working guide sensorial knowledge to develop one-of-a-kind pieces of art. The transformation of wool fiber to felted cloth is the result of intuitive composition, the construction of layers, and finally the physical binding of the materials. This process results in a material that is receptive to its surrounding environment. Its properties are acoustic, insulating and resilient in nature. The fused fibers absorb sound pollution and impurities in the air.

 "Yet, it is the intimate tactility and layers of process that is consuming; they are as much about people, as they are about place".