By: Claudy 23-02-2018

For the home of a musical family in Amsterdam Claudy Jongstra created the mural ‘Natural Melody'. The undulating landscape in vivid blues, pale tones and radiating gold is a beautiful example of Jongstra’s current spirited language. With whirlwind shapes, more peacefully flowing streams and silky undercurrents reflecting life’s own varied melody of peace and turmoil.

  • Music room
  • Private residence
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Size (m): 5,25 x 3,13
  • Material: wool Drenth Heath Sheep, merino wool, mohair, silk
  • Dyes: indigo, woad, weld, onionskin, walnut
  • Photo credit: Jeroen Musch
By: Claudy 13-12-2016

Making its home in the waiting room of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek cancer institute in Amsterdam, "Spring of Light" goes beyond art. It aims to give mental, emotional, and physical comfort to viewers and users of the space.

  • AVL, Amsterdam , NL 2016
  • corporate commission
  • Size: 3m x 5.4m
  • Material: Wool, silk, mohair, natural dyes
By: Claudy 04-10-2016

Commissioned to hang in the new foyer of the Rechtbank Amsterdam, 'Human Pulsations' depicts rhythmic, engrossing lines that represent the collective beat of the human pulse. In an environment of constant activity and high emotion, this piece provides a moment of mental rest.  


  • Rechtbank, Amsterdam, NL 2016
  • corporate commission
  • Size: 6.5m x 2m
  • Material: Wool, silk, mohair, natural dyes