Chelsea Flower Show

The AkzoNobel dyer’s garden was awarded by the British RHS Chelsea Flower Show jury with a Silver-Gilt medal. Titled ‘Honeysuckle Blue’, the garden is a project by Farm of the World, a cultural initiative that invites artists and designers to work together on solutions to create a sustainable relationship between the city and the countryside. 

Chelsea Flower Show, London, UK 2016
Farm of the World
Size: 4,60 m x 2,20 m
Material: wool, silk, yarn, natural dyes

Mural 'Aarde' for SFMOMA

For the renewed SFMOMA Claudy Jongstra created a monumental, site-specific mural installation.In a transitional space between the white-walled galleries and the outdoor rooftop garden, Aarde shifts in color and weight in response to the building's architecture.

Tekstveld 2: 

Aarde brings together raw and crafted felt, hand-spun silk, and dried floraThe gold color and native flowers reference California's mineral and agricultural histories, which have influenced its cultural past as well.



The Dutch word aarde means "earth" in the geological sense. Noticing a contemporary divide between ecological and cultural sensibilities, Jongstra works to reconnect them. As Rembrandt sourced his rich paint colors from Dutch plants, Jongstra also harvests most of her materials locally.

This large-scale textile mural works in evocative contrast to the hard-edge materials of the museum's building, creating a unique passage that marks SFMOMA's architectural history through the designs of architects Mario Botta in 1995, Mark Jensen in 2008, and Snohetta in 2016.


Aarde was commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, courtesy by Claudy Jongstra.

The new SFMOMA opened May 14th 2016


We are grateful for the major support for Aarde provided by Roberta and Steve Denning, generous support provided by Diana Nelson and John Atwater, additional support provided by Patricia W. Fitzpatrick, Denise Littlefield Sobel, and The Creative Industries Fund NL.

SFMOMA, San Francisco, USA 2016
Mural 'Aarde'
Size 4.30 m x 14.30 m
Material: wool, silk, yarn, natural dyes, dried flora

Claudy Jongstra: Ancient Light

From 26 March to 2 October 2016 Studio Claudy Jongstra has a solo exhibition in the Fries Museum, Leeuwarden. The exhibition Claudy Jongstra: Ancient Light will show some of the best works of recent years, but will also exhibit the new direction Jongstra is taking in her work. Futhermore there will be extensive attention to the creative process of Jongstra's practice. For more information, see the website of Fries Museum.   

Fries Museum, NL 2016
Ancient Light / Retrospective

Zuyderland Hospital - MC Atrium Heerlen

Studio Claudy Jongstra created a fresco of textile materials. This mural is an art installation spread over five walls in a corridor to the new building of the Zuyderland Hospital (MC Atrium Heerlen).  

Jongstra uses 7 planet seals like Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, the Moon as inspiration as they are pure forms and could be seen as pure thoughts. She transformed the seals into inner metamorphoses as a pathway to healing: Birth, Balance, Confrontation, Chaos, Connection, Isolation, Longing. Every seal in this healing process has its own form.

Jongstra also started with research on natural colours made by medical plants. For this mural she created a medical dyeing plant almanac. Every colour stands for a certain aspect. Colours of the Onion skin (superlative), Elderberry (comforting), Hibiscus (soothing), Valerian (sedative), Mint (being very grateful), Madder (binding) Indigo (enhancing), Calendula (stimulating growth), Chamomile (relief), Sunflower seed (expectorant), St John’s Worth (purifying) and Alkanet (melancholia).

The mural, with its subtle blends of fibers used for the background in combination with the strong composition, is made to be meaningful and enhance the wellness of patients and care givers.


Tapestry Mortuary

A very special and honourable project for Studio Claudy Jongstra was the creation of a tapestry for the mortuary next to a Chapel of the Sisters of Dominicans in Nijmegen The Netherlands. This art piece adds beauty and consolation to this very special room and offers a healing force for the grief of the mourners.

With this tapestry in the mortuary Claudy visualizes the first steps of the transition from human life to spiritual life. 


The bottom part of this handmade ‘gobelin’ shows the earth, the movement in the composition above let people experience the transition from the bottom part to the top of the tapestry. With other words: from the soil of the earth to the translucent fragile light of the sky.

This tapestry can be seen as ‘a still’ of a landscape, in which the eyes can travel around.

This art project has been created i.c.w. Oomen architects NL.



Realization of artpiece 'Erdgold' for private residence, West Coast USA, in collaboration with Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architecture



The Natlab is well known as the former Research & Development Laboratory of Philips Company in Eindhoven.

The theme ‘research’ formed the basis for the series of 3 wall coverings in this multipurpose meeting room.

For this commission Jongstra started her own research on the color Veronese Green, as a connection to the period in the 18th century, the Enlightment, in which experiments played an important role.

This art installation, with these painterly tapestries, is created to stimulate ‘out of the box’ thinking into new visions and ideas for this century.

Natlab, Eindhoven, 2014

Barnes Foundation

Felt wrapped on panels. The 15 large-scale art panels in the Lightcourt are all different.
The ‘white on white’ silk on wool fabrics are serene and of pure beauty. The sensation of these tactile acoustic wall pieces can be best described as Mother of Pearl. The design of these wallcoverings was executed in cooperation with Tod Williams and Billie Tsien architects (NY), who built this new ‘home’ for this famous collection in Philadelphia.

The Barnes Foundation is a famous collection of paintings by Matisse, Césanne, Picasso,
Van Gogh, etc. The museum building is totally new and located in the center of Philadelphia.
The architects wished to emphasize the tactility of materials, and chose to work with limestone, steel, wood and glass; they also sincerely wanted to incorporate textiles.

Tekstveld 2: 

Studio CJ and TWBTArchitects have a long relationship; together they decided to design a very pure, serene fabric that has its own strong personality. Even the acoustics in the huge central hall are improved by the fabrics.

The source for the feeling created by these panels were inspired by the paintings by the famous Dutch painter, Jan Schoonhoven.
This wallcovering gives its viewer a sensation of purity and tactility.

Barnes Foundation, USA, 2012
Mother of Pearl Wallcovering
TWBT Architects
Size 1 panel: 2.50 m x 2.50 m
Material: tussah silk, merino wool

Fries Museum

This is a large-scale textile wallcovering for the new Fries Museum. The instructions for this wallcovering in the entry hall of the new museum, to open in 2013, were to create a visualization of the Frisian landscape.

These images show an artistic view of the Dutch-Frisian landscape with sunlight, blue sky and earth. In the spectrum of the earth, you can see the low horizon and the rich details in the embroidery. Colours used are: onion,weld,cochenille and indigo.

Our tapestries and wallcoverings express the beauty of natural materials and are unique in their closeness to nature and the exploration of new options. Each art piece is especially designed for the building itself. Studio Claudy Jongstra always presents samples, sketch proposals and/or mock-ups during the design process. 

Fries Museum, NL, 2013
Frisian landscape, wallcovering
Bierman Henket architects
Size: 25 m x 6.50 m
Material: raw silk, Drenthe heath sheep wool, Wensleydale wool


The outside of this auditorium is covered with a fabric of raw linen and raw silk in off-white.

The inside is also a wallcovering, another handmade fabric of Studio Claudy Jongstra, in a yellow colour manufactured by the natural dye from onions.
The fabrics are developed in cooperation with Claus & Kaan Architects. Outside hangs a fabric with a strong graphic appearance because of the expressive ‘graphic language’ of the raw linens. Inside, the silk on wool fabrics give a very warm, comfortable, rich feeling. Jongstra works in the field between applied arts and autonomous art.
She comments on architecture, places accents on spots in interiors and defines the focus in public spaces. She brings nature closer and makes it more miraculous than it already is and upsets tradtional views on art.

CJIB, NL, 2012
Claus & Kaan Architects
Size: 50 m x 2.50 m
Material: raw linen, merino wool, silk, cotton gauze


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