rooted - private residence NYC

By: Claudy: 02-11-2018

For an elegant private residence in New York City this earthy colored, organic shape, Rooted, was created. Subtly contrasting with the classical architecture and sophisticated atmosphere the colorful richness of the fecund soil has been fused into a variety of rough and refined textures in natural fibers. The health and vitality of our biodynamic farm with its harvest of high-quality plant pigments radiate a golden light through these warm tones of beige, browns, russet and ochre.
Rooted, literally with its roots in the clay of the northern Netherlands and metaphorically deeply connected to the significant value of earth’s worthy treasures. The roots of the alkanet and the madder, the skin of the onion mixed with some walnut and indigo together seem to infuse the essence of life in this soft and charismatic layered structure of purest wool of the Drenthe Heath Sheep.
The artwork’s raw texture and organic gaps also recall root structures struggling on their path of growth. Contrasting layers referencing to the horizon between soil and sky and marking the divide on the voyage of plants as they burst through the earth’s crust and reach towards the sun.
At the same time as a whole Rooted resembles a landscape, in some patches rugged, in others smooth and flowing mirroring the surface of our planet. 
One gets the feeling a benign being seemes to have entered the room, carefully invading human territory with the best of intentions and nestling itself to stay, carrying a worthy message from earth’s inner sanctuary to the interior of a city dwelling.