Moments of Intervention

By: Claudy: 08-11-2016

Adolescents from 13-16 years of age are still seeking and forming. Their minds are continuously evolving and therefore more receptive to external influences. This time is vital for young people in seeing their own potential. Particularly adolescents who are struggling to connect, whatever experiences they might have had or story they might have lived, they all pose questions and are searching for unique answers. Non-traditional visions of care are needed.

We aim to provide catalysts for positive change: nurturing confidence, allowing to better adapt and thrive our evolving world. Building relationships with peers removes inhibitions and shows creativity in action amongst their equals. We aim to share the resources that our Studio has a long history with and inspire adolescents to create meaningful connections with people, place, and planet.

There are many ways to answer and react to posed questions. Moments of Intervention seeks silently by little steps to reconnect one to oneself. To offer a way of rooting, an organic manner of sharing with, and learning from each other by doing. Exploring tangible possibilities by giving an impulse.