Drenthe heath sheep

Drenthe heath sheep

By: Claudy: 23-10-2012

Because felt is made from wool, Studio Claudy Jongstra is committed to working with high-quality wool. This is one of the reasons that we have our own flock of Europe’s oldest breed, the ‘Drenthe Heath sheep’.

The Drenthe Heath sheep do not only supply wool but also contribute to landscape preservation on the Dutch moorlands. We also hope to contribute to the survival of this age-old breed. Only 1200 of these beautiful sheep are left in the world. 

Wool has many extraordinary qualities such as non-flammability, the ability to regulate acoustics, insulating, dirt-repellent, odour-absorbing, elastic etc.
Such qualities make wool a remarkable natural material. 

Once a year the sheep are shaved and we can work with the beautiful expressive wool of this breed.