By: Claudy: 18-09-2014

The outside of this auditorium is covered with a fabric of raw linen and raw silk in off-white.

The inside is also a wallcovering, another handmade fabric of Studio Claudy Jongstra, in a yellow colour manufactured by the natural dye from onions.
The fabrics are developed in cooperation with Claus & Kaan Architects. Outside hangs a fabric with a strong graphic appearance because of the expressive ‘graphic language’ of the raw linens. Inside, the silk on wool fabrics give a very warm, comfortable, rich feeling. Jongstra works in the field between applied arts and autonomous art.
She comments on architecture, places accents on spots in interiors and defines the focus in public spaces. She brings nature closer and makes it more miraculous than it already is and upsets tradtional views on art.